No. 89 - 24 Congress Terrace - Housing

Project Description

The subject site is located on the corner of St. Michaels Road and the N63 / Killashee Road in the centre of Longford Town. The site is currently in the ownership of Longford County Council and is currently a vacant property within a well-established housing area within the Town environs. The proposed site boundary area is approximately 0.04Ha. The existing property is a 2-storey end of terrace vacant residence extending to an area of approximately l 65m2 including the large extension to the rear. The site is ideally suited to housing due to its position in the centre of the town and close proximity to all amenities. The development of this site will improve and regenerate this vacant and underutilized site.


The proposed development will consist of a) demolition of existing dilapidated extension to rear of No 24, alteration to internal layout and construction of new kitchen and dining area at the rear ground floor and 2 bedrooms at the rear first floor. The redevelopment of no. 24 will allow for an upgraded 3 bed 5 person dwelling of98m2.
b.) Proposed construction of semi-detached two storey 3-bedroom unit adjoining unit 24. The new unit will be a 3 bedroom 5 person dwelling of 104m2.
The proposed development will also consist of construction of new pedestrian gate to the front SW fronting St Michael's Road and rear SE fronting N63, repair of existing boundary wall to front and side, construction of division wall and fence, private open spaces, footpaths, replacement of existing door and windows, removal of existing chimney at Unit 24, diversion of existing services pipes, connection to existing foul, surface water and watermain and existing utilities and hard & soft landscaped areas.


All existing main services such as water, storm, Eircorn and electricity are available along the existing roads. Proposed connections can be made from each house separately.
Irish Water will then carry out the connection to the new system when it is complete including all reinstatement works.

Related Files

Newspaper-Notice.pdf (size 941.7 KB)Site-Notice & Notice of Proposed Dev.pdf (size 145 KB)Structural Survey Report.pdf (size 2.3 MB)Pre condition survey report.pdf (size 5 MB)
Existing & Proposed Site Layout.pdf (size 1 MB)Trial Hole Report.pdf (size 1.3 MB)Terrace Screening Conclusion.pdf (size 189.7 KB)Proposed House types- elevations & section.pdf (size 448.8 KB)
Storm, Foul and Watermain Layout.pdf (size 619.6 KB)Asbestos Survey Report.pdf (size 1.3 MB)Proposed House Types.pdf (size 595 KB)


Read the "Extract from Minutes of Meeting of Longford Municipal District held on Wednesday 27 April 2022" here - Decision.doc (size 173.6 KB)

Chief Executives Report