Lisryan Community Walkway

Project Description

Construction of Community Walk, to include upgrade of existing laneway, provision of new path, new bridge, fencing and ancillary works in the village of Lisryan. The development will consist of: The construction of a community walk c.2.5kms in length, approximately 3m wide through the townlands Lisryan & Drumman, to enhance existing laneway, construct new path, new bridge, fencing, to accommodate both pedestrians and cyclists and ancillary works in the village of Lisryan.

Related Files

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Bridge 2.pdf (size 20.2 KB)Bridge 3.pdf (size 25 KB)Lisyryan AA Screening.docx (size 5.5 MB)Landholding Map.pdf (size 457.2 KB)Layout Plan 1000.pdf (size 452.8 KB)
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