Leisure Centre - Albert Reynolds Peace Park

Project Description

This project aims to further improve the leisure centre by carrying out the following works:

Storage Room – The construction of a new storage room to the rear of the sports hall will have access from outside to allow sports clubs to store their equipment near to the court or pitch they regularly use.

First Floor – Joining the rooms together and improving the wall facing the sports hall will enable better use of the first floor area.

 Changing rooms – Rearranging the changing rooms and replacing all fittings and redecorating will greatly improve the changing areas.

The Building

The Leisure Centre is located within the Albert Reynolds Peace Park in Longford Town.  It contains multiple gym and fitness areas, a main sports hall and the swimming pool.  The leisure centre is used by residents of the county and also visitors to the town.  There are a number of clubs, groups and schools which use the facilities.  The leisure centre includes the outdoor areas, such as, the basketball courts and muga pitches.

Works have been carried out over the last few years including the new gym extension which has allowed for the fitness areas to expand.  Works have been carried out to refurbish areas of the centre to improve the experience for all users.

Related Files

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Proposed First Floor.pdf (size 502.7 KB)Proposed Store.pdf (size 484.6 KB)Proposed Elevations.pdf (size 501.4 KB)Location and Layout Plan.pdf (size 254.4 KB)


Read the "Extract from Minutes of Meeting of Longford Municipal District held on Wednesday, 23 November 2022" here - Decision.doc (size 261.1 KB)

Chief Executives Report